T  A O   I   C H I N G

                                The  Mystic  Gateway



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TAO is an idea, albeit a spiritual one, used to express our wonder and involvement in the universe.   TAO  could be expressed as an energy interplay, in a material, physical, and spiritual sense.  It is the movement of the universe and all our involvements,  and could be 'seen' as a flow of energy.

tao master "TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway" and set of ELEMENTS

 " You can improve your life

when you know it's possible "

TAO  I  CHING.   TOM  LEWORTHY   ©   2015

TAO is the great flow of energy running through the universe,  that takes you and everything with it.  This has a huge impact on Humanity, on your own involvement and relationships, awareness, and your enjoyment of life,  as well as your spiritual  development. Apart from all the theories about TAO, it is just within each different momentary situation you find yourself in.

In the " TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway " there is a way, or approach, through your own observations, that goes some way to explaining why things happen as they do.  The ancient Chinese discovered a way to show this TAO energy in hexagram symbols,  which form the  basis and construction of the I Ching  and  TAO I CHING.

When you see TAO as a flow of energy, and particularly in the energy you use, you begin to notice and understand your own awareness, your potential and limitations, and aquire a measure of acceptance, and a quiet faith, or optimism, in life.

The TAO I CHING  provides an easy way to convert all of these hexagrams into personal activity. The TAO I CHING presents a spiritual clarification and direction in our busy modern world.  You can  'go with the flow', just  ask questions, or have a spiritual influence that can actually change the world.



           " TAO TE CHING ~ The Meaning and Power of TAO "

The underlying message of the TAO TE CHING is Chance and Change, and how to approach life  as a continuous changing reality.   Effortless action  (Wu Wei),  peace of mind,  living in the present,  are all packed

into this small book with humility.

You alter your world through an awareness, or Way of quiet observation, and here you will find the secret that the Taoists didn't mention.

The secret of TAO  the Taoists never told you . . .

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