T  A O   I   C H I N G

                                The  Mystic  Gateway



gold Yin Yang symbol gold Yin Yang symbol


Each 'TAO I CHING' has a set of ELEMENTS that allow you to easily, and instantly, select a hexagram symbol.  The ELEMENTS connect you powerfully to the energy of the present moment, your own intentions (energy), and your own question.

The whole process is automatic, and you only have to read the answer provided, and you won't require any interpretation, or  'psychic' ability.  It's all presented in plain English, where TAO and YIN YANG energy are explained, as well as the way you use your own energy.


The TAO I CHING will advise you on the most effective use of your energy, show what lies behind every situation you face (and you might be surprised to find the full extent of your own thoughts and activity), revealing the present, and predicting the outcome of your actions.

Your fate and fortune are not governed by some force that exerts its' will ~ it's all about your 'involvement'.  The fact the Ancient Chinese knew was that Chance and Change rule this material world, and it  can work to your advantage when you see what is happening, and how you influence it. You will find a measure of confidence and inner calm when you fully understand  TAO  energy.

The ELEMENTS provide the easiest, instant, and most direct way, to select and use the hexagrams.

"TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway" and set of Elements

The ELEMENTS are a revolutionary  development in the selection and manipulation of the hexagram symbols.  The ELEMENTS are mathematically adjusted to give you full control over all the lines of energy in your hexagram.  This produces a powerful interaction with the energy of TAO,  and introduces a personal dynamic into all your Readings, which you can influence and change.  Only with the ELEMENTS, and a clear explanation of the trigram symbols in the TAO I CHING, is the personal manipulation of the hexagram possible.  

         This is not available in other versions of The I Ching.



provide instant and easy access

to every hexagram symbol, and all your answers,

and will give you personal and

direct contact with the energy of  TAO.


No more throwing coins !

The ELEMENTS automatically form the hexagram,

and give you total access and control over all the

Lines and Changes of energy in your hexagram.


Hold the hexagram in your hand

and easily change 'moving lines'

and manipulate the energy yourself.


Use with any I CHING


No more location charts !

The TAO I CHING is so easy to use

you can learn the numbers of all 64 hexagrams

by sight in less than 2 minutes.

 " Change the hexagram , and you change your life "

If you would like more free information on the history and construction of the I CHING

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The ‘TAO I CHING ~ The Mystic Gateway’, comes complete with a set of ELEMENTS for instant and easy access to all the hexagrams in the I Ching.  Answer any question you have about your life, and gain a practical insight into your own thoughts and actions, and the energy behind them.  The TAO I CHING, in plain English, requires no special abilities, charts or calculations, and can be used at any time, in any circumstances.  It is so easy to use, you can know the number of every hexagram in less than 2 minutes !


The TAO I CHING introduces you to the rules and operation of TAO and the unseen energies that flow through the Universe and influence everything.  You can ‘Go with the flow’, or, through your own observations, use ‘Mystic Gateways’ to actually see TAO and ‘spiritual forces’ in action, and develop your own spirituality.  This is the way to inner peace and fulfilment.

This ‘opens-out’ the I CHING in a big way !   Beyond the prediction of your probable future {as with all I Ching Readings}, you can start to take charge of your own fate, and alter your expectations or approach.  {Actually, you’ll be changing your perception or awareness, and, as such, some of it may seem improbable, even impossible, from where you are now.}  ‘The Process of Change’ will allow you to change your future, but remember the timing has its’ own pace ~ not yours.  

ALSO INCLUDED FREE, the supplement,

“The Way to bring balance and harmony into your life”,

which will show you how to get even more out of the I Ching, and your life.


The definition and purpose of TAO.  The actual flow of energy,

and what the direction of flow does to you, and for you.

THE FOUR DYNAMIC LAWS OF ENERGY that control all effort and reward.

Chapters in the TAO I CHING include:


How to see, and change, the energy flow in your life.


THE RULES OF TAO and THE SECRETS OF THE TRIGRAMS (which form the hexagrams) explained for you to actually use ‘the process of change’.  


An easy introduction to the construction, and use of, the hexagrams.

Select a hexagram, with 64 personal Readings, to advise on your present situation, and predict the future, offering guidance on the correct course of action, and use of your energy.


An approach to the spiritual life.  How to observe, and use, the TAO energy around you through  ‘Mystic Gateways’.  

The spiritual use of energy, how to see it, and how to use it.


~ to demonstrate, and prove all of this for yourself.

TAO I CHING and set of Elements TAO I CHING and set of Elements TAO I CHING and set of Elements PHW-3-Flourish--f TAO I CHING and set of Elements TAO I CHING and set of Elements